A Raspberry PI OS Bullseye ALSA issue

A seen issue seen in both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the latest Raspberry PI OS called “Bullseye” is by using mixers with many channels like the Behringer XR18 or Mackie DL32S. The issue was showing up by just by inserting the USB cable in the Raspberry – the taskbar in the menu (also known as lxpanel) flashed for about 3 times and then the taskbar disappeared completely (Which made the Raspberry a bit hard to handle and work with) -even if Z-LiveRec would continue to work just perfectly.

However, this problem did not occur in the previous OS – “Buster”. So after much research around different sound cards and devices – because the problem was only seen with these multichannel mixers (2-10 channel devices were working fine)

So after digging hard and been looking on the alsa.conf, .asoundrc files etc…I gave up and just copied the alsa.conf file from an old Buster OS to my Bullseye installation. And viola – IT WORKED FINE!

So if you want to implement my “patch” – just follow these steps – (if you are not a Linux hacker):

  1. Go to the /usr/share/alsa directory on your Bullseye installation
  2. from the lxterminal use the follwing command: (To delete the current alsa.conf – 9.6kB)
    (You could make a copy of this file and store it some where else)

sudo rm alsa.conf
  • Download the Buster alsa.conf.zip from Z-LiveRec.com
  • Unpack it in your home/pi directory
  • From the lxterminal use the following command: (To copy the Buster alsa.conf – 9.4kB to it’s right place)
sudo cp /home/pi/alsa.conf /usr/share/alsa

READY Just to reboot – and you will not have any problems disappearing taskbars anymore!