Using Behringer Flow 8 with Z-LiveRec

Maybe a bit off topic…but maybe some interest anyway. A client have a outdoor gig and without any supply of external power…and asked if I was able to fulfill such request. And with a Behringer Flow 8, a power bank of 40000mA, 2x Mackie Freeplay 150W speakers…I think I can say yes! 🙂

Of course, I also had to test if I was able to record 8 channels from the Flow 8 using my Raspberry PI multitrack recorder – using the same power bank…and the answer was yes even here – but the solution consumes power. The battery will probably last for 1-1.5 hours) 🙂

But Z-LiveRec recorded 8 channels without any problems – you are even able to record the bluetooth stream (channel 9-10) at the same time. Note that the Flow 8 only have 4 USB return channels – so it is not possible to playback channels to make a virtual soundcheck etc.

But a pretty neat small environment!