Z-LiveRec V2.24 launched!

Some real improvements and bug fixes are included:

  • Multilanguage support – some country localizations captures some Unix commands and answers in local language when going from UTF-8 to something else. A change in Z-LiveRec made it possible to use the app with any localization of Raspbian OS. Tested and verified to work for English, French and German language settings.
  • A proper split function for wave files is now implemented – so if recording wav file formats – a seamless file split will occur at each 2GB. The file names are autogenerated with xxxxx001.wav, xxxxx002.wav, xxxxx003.wav etc.
  • The new play “slider” have been improved to better handle several transfers and jumps back and forward in the playing file without any problems.
  • Minor fix when enabling auto update or auto start functionality in Z-LiveRec, will now request for PI password for sudo operations with hidden characters. (It does not store the password!)
  • Added auto update events and data in the Z-RecLive.log file.
  • Added replay operations data in Z-LiveRec.log file.
  • Update hard disk sizes when toggling between storage devices in touch mode.

A free update is available for registered users (Login to “My Account” and download the latest edition or use the e-mail download link from the original order acknowledgement) and free demo/trial version is also available for everybody else to try the app!

Please note: Using the auto update function in Z-LiveRec 2.23 (for registered users) – You will find a zip file in the PI/Home directory – and you can just extract the zip file yourself – and the V2.24 version will show up.