New Raspberry PI OS Available – “Bookworm”

Raspberry PI official launched the new Bookworm version of the Raspberry PI OS 2023-10-11 and I immediate had to test if Z-LiveRec was working as usual in this new version. Raspberry have done a couple of changes in the audio support for ALSA and also to VNC Server. (It is replaced by another vendor) So I was suspicious if things had stopped to work – But I can happily announce that the new OS seems to work as expected! There are some issues to get 3.5″ touchscreens to run in this new OS (Generic problem – not solved yet by but the official 7″ touchscreen from Raspberry and also from the vendor Waveshare worked perfect after been running a rpi-update to get the latest kernel #5622.

For the Waveshare 3.5” touchscreen using SPI – I raised a support case with them and they promptly replied that they are working on a new driver for their screens and Bookworms – so stay tuned here!

One bug which have been annoying me for a long time in Bullseye(With a lot of error seeking) is that graphics objects (like buttons, text and graphics) have stopped to update when running the app – which was creating big problems. But these problems was suddenly totally gone in bookworms – and I am guessing the newer version of the graphics library TKInter, used by Z-LiveRec, have been updated and also fixed these experienced problems.

So I made a short recording with Z-LiveRec from my A&H CQ20B mixer in 96KHz, 16 Channels in 24bits…and there was absolutely no problems here! Works like a charm! 🙂 The only function which currently is not working is the included VNC server implementation in Z-LiveRec. (So I am going to fix this in V2.28)

Another nice experimental feature in the upcoming version of Z-LiveRec V2.28 are support for OSC calls – so you will now be able to control Z-LiveRec remotely from softwares like Bitfocus Companion etc. And it is real nice to be able to start recording over the network by using a stream deck.

A first OSC implementation in Z-LiveRec.

Z-LiveRec 2.27 launched!

News and changes in version 2.27

I must first confess that not all new functionality works directly as expected. In the 2.26 version we introduced our first implementation to be able to use Z-LiveRec virtually from any VNC Client (like an iPhone, iPad or Android device) connected to the hosting Raspberry PI with a multitrack mixer attached over USB. But our first attempt was not 100% – But in 2.27 we have improved the implementation a lot – to make the remote experience perfect – just a checkbox and the functionality is up and running. In this new version you will also find many other improvements and fixes.

Have a look – and please check the new version out!

  • Fixed a problem with the filename dialog, so that pressing “Cancel” will abort the recording process.
  • Changed the filename dialog when running remotely in VNC – so the focus maintained and can be editable.
  • Addressed a problem when toggling between hardisk/storage devices when in touch mode.
  • Added a function so that a VNC session terminates when the VNC client is stopped.
  • Added a function so that a VNC session restarts after termination of a VNC Client/Session
  • Added so that the VNC Session uses the actual user at the VNC Host and be created in the user’s home directory.
  • Added a function to determine if Z-LiveRec is running in “Host” or in “Remote” mode. Visible in the GUI frontpage – “Host” or “Remote”. (The actual IP address can be seen in the license page)
  • Added a shutdown dialog to give options to reboot or only shutdown the system.
  • Investigated and found the issue why Bullseye have disappearing taskbars when attaching multichannel ALSA Sound Cards. See separate post at – Not implemented in Z-LiveRec – this is an OS patch.
  • Fixed a problem seen in PI OS Bulleye – Where Z-LiveRec did not store/read the saved hardisk path.
  • Updated the GUI on the license page/dialog.
  • Added a process to handle terminations of a Z-LiveRec window – like pressing windows “X” when not running in touch mode
  • Checked so that the autostart process uses the right credentials when created on the system.
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available for both the trial and full version.

Check the Z-LiveRec V2.27 Manual for more information and details.

A free update is available for registered users (Login to “My Account” and download the latest edition or use the e-mail download link from the original order acknowledgement) and free demo/trial version is also available for everybody else to try the app!

Please note: Using the auto update function in Z-LiveRec (for registered users for the 32 bit version.) – You will find a zip file in the PI/Home directory – and you can just extract the zip file yourself – and the V2.27 version will show up.

The update process will try to unzip Z-LiveRec and overwrite the old version of the app – and a chmod r+x command can be required to get the V2.27 version to run again. See the manual for more information.

Best regards Anders /

Z-LiveRec 2.21 launched!

Z-LiveRec 2.21 is just launched and have been updated for both the trial/demo and the full version.


  • Z-LiveRec V2.21 launched 2021-10-14
  • Fixed a bug with Buffer-Overruns that was not reported in the log file – Z-LiveRec.log
  • More information added to the log file handling, Z-LiveRec version, date of recording etc.
  • License key handling – showing green/red license button before/after registration.
  • Auto start option stored in license settings GUI – this checkbox adds the Z-LiveRec.exe to run after the OS been booted. Please note: This requires Z-LiveRec.exe needs to be present on the internal storage for the OS.
  • GUI checkboxes and dropdowns added under the license button/dialog for the full version of Z-LiveRec where it is possible to:
    • Enable windows borderless mode – make the app to stay in focus – good when running on 3.5″ screens.
    • Add the log function and verbose level in the GUI.
    • Switch on/off the auto start function – reboot of the OS required.
    • Handle buffer settings for the recording process.
    • All these parameters are stored and can be edited in the Z-LiveRec.cfg file. (if using the Trial/Demo version – auto start will not be supported)
  • Fixed an error with rights issue the auto update function for previous versions of Z-LiveRec – when looking for newer versions – it will now enable cloud updates for future upcoming releases. Existing users of older versions (2.19 & 2.20) must manually download the latest version through through their account or unpacking the downloaded file which can be found in the same directory as the current exe. But after 2.21 release, the auto update function will be present for future releases.
  • Existing and registered users of the full version can download the latest version for free!
  • Unregistered users of the full version will allow up recordings up to 500 MB storage (was 350 MB) – Unlimited for registered users – Files in W64/CAF format have successfully been recorded to 50GB+
  • The Trial/demo version is always free and will allow up to 200MB of recordings.

The new settings GUI found under the “License” for the full version of Z-LiveRec.